The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (2023)

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (1)

Written by Jessica Kasparian

Updated June 10, 2022

Evenly bronzed skin with a subtle glow is a coveted feature, as it’s generally an indication of bright, warm summer days spent by the pool or at the beach. The only problem is that achieving this the old-fashioned way—by basking in the sun—has skin ramifications in the form of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Fortunately, there’s an alternative way to get the bronzed hue you’re after: self-tanners.

We tested 12 of the most popular sunless tanners that give you instant results upon application. The Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse (available at Ulta) won our Best Overall title—it’s easy to apply and produces a beautiful, buildable faux tan. The L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse (available on Amazon) snatched our Best Value spot because it costs less and develops into a subtle tan that fades evenly. We also named the Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel (available on Sephora) the Best for Beginners, as its no-fuss gel consistency results in a natural-looking tan.

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (2) The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (3)

Best Overall

Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse

Applying the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse is easy; the formula has a “color guard” that lightly tints the skin so you can see what areas you’ve covered. I was able to coat my whole body in the mousse quickly enough that I didn’t need a protective mitt to keep my hands from staining and get an even result. The pleasant, clean scent is light enough to not bother you once the formula dries, though, like all the rest on this list, is not unnoticeable. The tanner comes in two shades, dark and ultra dark, and I chose the lighter of the offerings.

The instructions recommend leaving the solution on for one hour for a light tan, up to four hours for a medium to dark tan, and eight hours for the deepest tan possible. I applied one thin coat at the beginning of my workday and showered it off after seven hours. The result on my pale skin was a noticeable but not overdone tan that wasn’t orange or too golden. I was happy with the color, as anything too dark would appear unnatural on me, but I’d suggest applying a thicker layer or a second coat for the full eight hours if you want an even deeper effect.

The self-tanner faded evenly over the course of a week, making it great for either one-time use or a multi-day vacation or event where you don’t want to keep reapplying. And while on my skin, the product left behind no noticeable residue or staining on my clothes or bedding.


  • Easy to apply

  • Beautiful tan color

  • Long-lasting

  • Fades evenly


  • None that we could find

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (4) The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (5)

Best Value

L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Water Mousse

Unlike the Bali Body, the L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse does not have a color guard, which is where it lost minor points with me. Instead, you must use the colorless sheen that the formula leaves on your skin to guide you through the application process. I’d also recommend using a tanning application mitt for this product, because the longer the colorless formula sits on your palms, the more likely they are to become unnaturally stained. While all of this makes an even application more challenging, the tan you get is subtle and forgiving—good news, as it only comes in one “medium” shade. This self-tanner has a coconut scent that, while pleasant, is strong. If you don’t enjoy a fragrance other than your perfume lingering, you may find this bothersome. Luckily, it fades away post-wash, like others on this list.

The instructions recommend allowing the tan to develop over four to eight hours before showering. As the tan was developing, it looked patchy, but I washed my skin within the recommended window of time, and the next day, the color appeared much more natural-looking and not blotchy. The only problem area was around my ankles and feet where the contours are harder to cover evenly, which was true of many of the other tanners on this list.

The tanner lasted a few days, fading evenly throughout each day. While I would have liked a more noticeable tan from one application, the instructions recommend applying the solution three times over the course of 12 to 24 hours if you want deeper and longer-lasting color. If you’ve been unsure about trying tanner, this is an affordable option that’ll give you a taste of what the application process and wear experience is like.


  • Easy to apply

  • Subtle tan color

  • Fades evenly


  • Blotchy around ankles and feet

  • Limited shade range

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$11.97 from Walmart


The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (6) The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (7)

Best for Beginners

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

While the L’Oréal is a great entryway into the self-tanning world because of its affordability and natural-looking hue, the Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel is the easiest to use of all of the products I tried and the most subtle, making it more foolproof for nervous beginners. The gel texture of this product, which mimics the texture of a body lotion that you’d likely already be familiar with, makes up for its lack of a color guard to guide you. The lightweight consistency glides with ease over the whole body without the need for an application mitt or any real skill, making it a top-notch choice for beginner self-tanners.

The gel has a clean, floral scent that makes it stand out from all of the other sweet self-tanner aromas. The formula also doesn’t require you to leave it on for any specified amount of time or wash it off, like many others. The instructions only say to wait until it dries before getting dressed—in my experience, it remained tacky even after 30 minutes, so you may want to build in time to sit around in your skivvies for a while. Once fully dry and developed, my skin had an even, light tan that could fool anyone into thinking I’d just spent a couple days in the sun and I could still see a slight hint of it a week after application, as it evenly faded away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this for beginners as well as for people with very light skin who want a guaranteed subtle glow and easy-to-achieve tan.


  • Easy to apply

  • Subtle tan color

  • Fades evenly


  • Limited shade range

How We Tested Self-Tanners

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (8)

The Tester

Hi, I’m Jessica, the beauty editor at Reviewed. I’ve tested all things skin-, makeup-, and hair-related for our beauty section. But perhaps most pertinent for this article—I’m pale. I have a very light-colored complexion that can achieve a very subtle natural tan if I sit in the sun—something I don’t do often and never without sunscreen. I’ve received a professional spray tan once in my life and have occasionally used self-tanners for a once-a-summer experiment, but I never keep up with regular applications. But knowing that plenty of people prefer tan skin for vacations in warmer climates or special events, I embarked on this self-tanner odyssey. (You’re welcome!)

The Tests

There are plenty of fake tanning products to choose from that claim to give you “instant” results (as opposed to gradual), developing within a few hours of application. I sifted through bestseller lists and retailer reviews to narrow my testing list down to 12 options from top brands in this category. Because of my paleness, I typically opted for the medium shade available in any product that offered a light-medium-dark range, and the lightest option in any that only offered deeper hues.

At the beginning of my tests, I tested two self-tanners at a time by applying one to each leg. Because these products are designed to last several days, this method would give me accurate results wear-wise while also speeding up the testing process. Then, I individually tested the four self-tanners that aced my first round of tests with an all-over application. I recorded my results on a scientifically calibrated rubric created by Reviewed’s team of scientists, rating the self-tanners on the following attributes:

Shade range: Does the tanner offer a very limited, decent, or plentiful amount of shades?

Application: How easy is it to dispense the tanner from the container? Do you need a lot of the tanner to cover the legs/body?

Wear: After following application instructions, how tan does your skin look? How does it feel on your skin? Does the color fade evenly?

Longevity: How quickly does the tanner fade away?

Scent: Does the tanner have a smell? Is it pleasant or unpleasant? How powerful is the fragrance?

Staining: Does the tanner leave any residue/staining on clothes or bedding?

What Should You Know About Self-Tanners

There are two main types of self-tanners: instant (which we tested) and gradual. Instant ones begin taking effect immediately and fully develop over the course of a few hours. This kind requires you shower it off after a few hours, or overnight for a deeper tan. The gradual ones require application over days to build up a subtle tan that fades away without regular maintenance.

There are several formulas available amongst instant self-tanners: mousse, spray, lotion, gel, and mix-in drops that you add to your lotion of choice. With any of these options, a self-tanning application mitt (I used the one that came with the Loving Tan bottle) is useful for evenly spreading and blending in the formula to eliminate the possibility of staining your hands.

Most sunless tanners, including the ones on this list, contain an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that reacts with the outer layer of the skin to temporarily darken it. To get an even tan, you should exfoliate the skin to remove flakes with a scrub or washcloth prior to application. Once skin is dry, apply the tanner with your hand or a mitt, blend it out like you would lotion (quick, circular motions work well for me), and let it fully dry before you get dressed.

Some self-tanners have a color guard, or a pigment that lightly tints the skin (though this is not the final color) to show where you’ve applied; other self-tanners are clear so you need to do your best to remember where you’ve applied it.

Other Self-Tanners We Tested

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (9)

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

If you love a mousse formula, this is the option I’d recommend after the Bali Body one because it has a good shade range, a long-lasting formula, and gives a beautiful hue to the skin. That said, prepare to work quickly when you apply it: The mousse formula seemed to froth up rather than blend into the skin at first and I had to spread it fast in order to avoid a patchy finish, but the color guard helped. The instructions recommend waiting at least two hours—or overnight for a deeper tan—before showering. I used the shade medium (it also comes in dark and ultra dark) and received a noticeable but not-too-dark tone that looked akin to what I’d get from several days in the sun. This wore away evenly over about a week and I enjoyed the tan while I had it.

The smell of this mousse has a strong and very sweet scent. I blindly described it as caramel-esque, but Coco and Eve says that the sweetness I’m smelling is tropical Balinese mango and guava. Almost all of the tanners had a strong scent that lingered until the formula was washed off and sometimes even for a few hours after a shower and this was no different.


  • Beautiful tan color

  • Long-lasting

  • Fades evenly


  • Very strong scent

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (10)

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

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If you’re not a fan of the typical self-tan fragrance (which multiple brands refer to as a “biscuity” aroma), you may like the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. The brand refers to this as its “mood-boosting signature fragrance” with notes of bergamot and green apple. To me, it smells more like the fresh scent of a hair product, like dry shampoo. Either way, you won’t get a sickenly sweet cover-up scent or the as-is chemical smell.

This is another great option for a self-tanning mousse and I think most people would be happy with the results. This self-tanner has a dark color guard that makes it easy to apply in an even layer. I showered this off after four hours—the instructions recommend waiting four to eight and I wasn’t sure what to expect color-wise, as this only comes in one shade called “classic.” Post-wash, I was impressed to see zero blotches around my knees, ankles, or feet—quite the feat for me. I’m not sure if I should toot my own horn or the product’s, but I know I was pleased with the results. However, I also noticed that my thighs appeared tanner than my calves. This could be user error or because below my knees never gets as tan as the rest of my legs (I blame 10 years of wearing shin pads to play soccer) and my base color may have differed between those two areas.


  • Natural-looking tan color

  • Even coating around tough-to-reach areas

  • Pleasant scent


  • Limited shade range

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (11)

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops are unlike any of the others on this list. They are liquid drops that you add into any moisturizer of your choice to apply on the face or body. I chose the medium shade, but they also offer light and dark shades.

The instructions suggest adding one to 12 drops into moisturizer: two to four for a “sun-kissed" tan, six to eight for “golden,” and 10 to 12 for “bronze.” A little confusing, but I pressed on. Then the next problem occurred: I went to drop the clear solution into my Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion and noticed that the formula was thick enough that it wasn’t coming out as definitive drops and instead more of a stream of fluid. I don’t know how many “drops” I actually got but it was less than the dollop of lotion. After mixing the two in my palms, I rubbed it haphazardly all over my leg like I would with any body moisturizer. I didn’t have to rinse it off, per the instructions, so I didn’t.

The tan I got with this was fine. It wasn’t as tan as I would have preferred and, while I could use even more drops next time, I think I’d go through the tiny 1.01-ounce bottle quickly that way—a worry I didn’t have with any of the other tanners on this list. The experience of using the drops was pleasant despite the confusion at the beginning. I liked the clean, subtly sweet scent and how moisturized my legs felt due to the mix-in mechanism. I’d be more likely to recommend this as a face tanner than a body one.


  • Easy to apply

  • Pleasant scent


  • Not tan enough

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (12)

Loving Tan 2 HR Express Mousse

My experience with the Loving Tan 2 HR Express Self Tanning Mousse in the medium shade was a perplexing one. It started off great—I appreciated the noticeable color guard and easy-to-blend mousse formula. It felt comfortable to wear on my skin while it dried and didn’t stain the robe I was sitting on while waiting. The bottle came with an application mitt, which is a nice bonus. I even noted that I thought this could soar above the pack. But when I showered after the recommended two hours, I was surprised to see… pale.

Yes, there was a slight tan and it was even looking, but it was not nearly as noticeable as others on this list. I felt like it never fully developed on my skin and considered even redoing it. I opted not to re-test it because I followed the instructions correctly and couldn't think of how this would be a user error—except maybe that I should have gone with the dark solution or the “deluxe bronzing mousse” line instead of the two-hour express one. I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about this brand, and my experience with using this tanner was a positive one aside from the color that developed. For that reason I wouldn’t discount Loving Tan, but I wouldn’t recommend picking up this particular one in the medium shade.


  • Easy to apply

  • Decent shade range

  • Includes tanning mitt


  • Not tan enough

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (13)

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

The Beauty By Earth Self-Tanner is a thick, white lotion that I found difficult to blend into the skin. My whole leg was covered in an opaque white tint at one point while I was spreading it, which led me to think that I applied too much. Still, it took less than five minutes to do my whole leg and the result was a smooth feel. After a few hours, it developed into a nice, natural-looking tan everywhere except my feet, which looked patchy. I was quick to chalk this up to user error, but then remembered that the thick formula didn’t do me any favors. The instructions recommend letting the tanner dry for 15 minutes before putting on clothing and there is no wash-off necessary.

A week after application, the tan was still present, but there were large patches on my leg where the tanner had faded more quickly. This could have been from me sitting down or crossing my legs within hours of applying the product, but even if that’s the case, I’d prefer a less finicky product.

(Video) Self-tan GAME CHANGERS! Tips + Trix for a GORGEOUS GLOW! PLUS: the PERFECT FACIAL self-tan OVER 40?!


  • Moisturizing

  • Even tan

  • Natural-looking color


  • Difficult to apply

  • Limited shade range

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (14)

Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Mousse

The Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body Mousse is as easy to apply as all of the other mousses on this list. The light bronze shade is spreadable and it has a color guard that helps with even coverage. I tried this product toward the beginning of my testing and I wanted to know if letting the self-tanner develop overnight would be a way of testing I’d like because many instructions allow for it. I applied this on clean skin to one leg and waited until I thought it was dry. It felt tacky, but not any more than a moisturizer does for sometimes hours after application. The result was some patchiness around my ankles and feet, but an otherwise nice color. I showered and saw a big improvement—my skin looked much more even and the color was even more natural without the residue from the color guard. The result lasted a few days before fading gradually.

This reminds me a lot of the L’Oréal Paris tanner and it’s another decent drugstore option. I’d prefer a formula that dries faster and doesn’t feel tacky for hours post-application, but it works in a pinch.


  • Easy to apply

  • Natural-looking color


  • Blotchy in tough-to-reach areas

  • Stays tacky for hours

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (15)

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam fell flat for me. It has a color guard, but I still had a hard time applying this evenly—it wasn't streak-free. Almost all of the self-tanners left at least a little residue on my robe, but this one transferred a lot, causing me to worry that there wouldn’t be any formula there to actually tan my leg. The instructions say that you can shower this off after one hour but wait for up to six if you want a deeper tan. After a few hours, I showered it off and barely saw a tan. At the time, I was just relieved to see that my leg wasn’t a patchy mess after the streaky application and transfer onto my robe. While I’m sure this could be built up for a deeper color, there are too many good options on this list for me to recommend this over any of the ones above.


  • Not streaky despite difficult application


  • Not tan enough

  • Transfers onto clothing

  • Difficult to apply

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$24.49 from Target

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (16)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

To apply the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup, you shake the can, spray it into your hands, and rub it onto the skin. This is considered makeup, so it won’t create a lasting tan, but we opted to include it on this list because it’s a popular product that gives an instant result.

I found it awkward to rub into the skin because the can produces a frothy liquid, sort of like spray paint. Of course, the color showed up right away, but it looked too orange on my skin tone. An upside was that it made my leg look overall smoother in appearance and even added a sheen to my skin with tiny flecks of glitter. I wouldn’t choose this for a special occasion because of the color on me, but I can see the appeal of a product like this.


  • Smooths skin's appearance


  • Too orange

  • Difficult to apply

  • Not long-lasting

$9.92 from Amazon

$11.19 from Target

The Best Self-Tanners of 2023 (17)

Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan

The instructions for the Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray recommend applying it in a well-ventilated area. I wanted to avoid putting on a show by standing outside my apartment building to apply it, so I stood in my shower instead. This way, I could walk away from the spray once I was done and hose down the shower in case of staining.

The formula is clear, making it hard to tell where you’ve applied it except for a slight sheen it leaves behind. It also felt way less precise to use a spray than to use my hands to apply a mousse, gel, or lotion. I applied it in vertical motions up my leg and hoped for the best. After a few hours, the tan started to develop and it looked somewhat natural but streaky in some areas. There was even a big white spot in the middle of my shin, which could have been from me crossing my legs under my desk, but it’s hard to say. In the end, there are too many great options on this list to settle for this so-so one.


  • Natural-looking color


  • Streaky

  • Messy application

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The Best Self-Tanners of 2023? ›

Best Self-Tanners of 2023:

Best Overall: St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Whipped Crème Mousse, $48. Best Drugstore: Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Moisturizer + Bronzer, $17.

What's the best self-tanner of 2023? ›

Best Self-Tanners of 2023:

Best Overall: St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Whipped Crème Mousse, $48. Best Drugstore: Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Moisturizer + Bronzer, $17.

What is the best self-tanner for 2023 St Tropez? ›

After testing worthy candidates from eight different brands, I found that the St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse has the best combination of features, from its dense, fluffy, tinted foam texture that makes it so easy to apply to its deep, customizable and long-lasting color.

What self-tanners do the Kardashians use? ›

Sol by Jergens Self Tanning Drops ($16, originally $24)

Kourtney Kardashian's self-tanning favorite rings in at less than $20 on Amazon. The Poosh founder called these Sol by Jergens drops — which can be customized to create the depth of color you desire — “amazing” and included them in her Summer 2022 mailer.

What does Jennifer Aniston use for self-tanner? ›

Moriz Professional Instant Medium Self Tanning Lotion, which "can be used as your everyday body lotion," she says.

What self-tanner does Gwyneth Paltrow use? ›

Saltyface has been making waves as the best-selling self-tanner on Gwyneth Paltrow's clean beauty-centric site. And for good reason. It's a next level tan-producing product thanks to its clean ingredients, scent-free formula and unique applicators.

What self-tanner does Victoria Secret models use? ›

For the first time ever, we can now have the flawless, glow-y, sun-kissed skin of an Angel. Celebrity spray tanner Kristyn Pradas—who transformed most of this year's models into more golden, gleaming versions of themselves—just launched her very own line of at-home self-tan products, called Pradas Glow.

Which St Tropez lasts the longest? ›

If you're looking for a tan that stays with you for the long run, we recommend trying our silky Classic Bronzing Mousse.

What is the best self tanner to even out farmers tan? ›

Use Self-Tanner

Your best bet is to go with one of those gradual options, like the one from Jergens. Each day, apply the lotion to the pale parts of your skin and by evening you can reevaluate things and see how well it matches. That will help you mask the farmer's tan until you can even things out more naturally.

What self tanner does Kyle Richards use? ›

Some of the most popular items included Laneige's water bank moisturizer, which Umansky uses every night, as well as Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops for a sun-free glow and Tatcha's luxurious water cream.

Does JLO use self-tanner? ›

Jennifer Lopez

Lo mentions products she likes, we're still all ears, and one of those products is Scott Barnes Body Bling ($42), a tinted body lotion. She told Allure, “I occasionally do a self-tanner, but I hadn't in a long time. I did one right before the Golden Globes, but otherwise, I hadn't done it in five years.

What does Kelly Ripa use for tanning? ›

Tan-Luxe — they're tanning drops, you put it in your moisturizer, and then you put it on, and your tan develops slowly,” she said. “This product is kind of remarkable. It stains nothing!

What tan does Kylie Jenner use? ›

Her new favourite at home self tan is none other than our DARK SELF TANNING FOAM! Our Dark Self Tanning Foam is a #1 worldwide best seller (we sell one every 9 seconds!) and for good reason too - this lightweight foam is simple to apply and gives a flawless finish, every time.

What self tanner does Reese Witherspoon use? ›

Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Tan Boosting Facial Serum, a tanning drop bottle recommended by celebrity makeup artist to Reese Witherspoon and Kelsea Ballerini, Tarryn Feldman.

Does Brad Pitt self tan? ›

It's easier than getting a makeover or sticking to your skincare regimen. Even famous men like Brad Pitt and George Clooney self-tan regularly. They're just some of the most desirable men in the world that work on their good looks. But that doesn't mean you have to spend as much time as they do to look good.

What is the name of Jennifer Aniston's anti aging serum? ›

Gasety Jennifer Aniston Anti Aging Serum, Jennifer Aniston Serum (3 Bottles) Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.

What tanner does Ariana Grande use? ›

Ariana Grande's spray tan artist, Kristyn Pradas, shares her secrets to a gorgeous, even glow. Some people just have the genetic disposition to look incredible with porcelain skin.

What tanner does Hailey Bieber use? ›

Tan-Luxe The Water Hydrating Self-Tan Water

The transparent tanner is water-based and buildable, so you can do a light layer if you want a subtle finish, or add a few layers of it for a more pronounced look. It comes in a light/medium or medium dark finish that further helps you find your perfect glow.

Does Nicole Kidman use self tanner? ›

Even as a child, I never did it. Now, I'm so glad because it really saved my skin. It's just not part of what I do," she said. "For characters, I'm grateful that I can fake tan.

What tanner does Khloe Kardashian use? ›

Khloé Kardashian: St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Tanning Lotion.

What self-tanner does Hilary Duff use? ›

Hilary Duff Uses the Luna Bronze Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturizer – StyleCaster.

What self-tanner does Ashley Graham use? ›

Tropez self tanners? Our Purity Face Mist! She not only uses it to tan her face, but applies it to her hands and back too (you can read Ashley's Top Tanning Tips here). This tanning face mist is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Hibiscus and Green Mandarin Water to refresh and revive the skin.

Is nice or st tropez better? ›

Generally, you'll find better scuba diving and snorkeling in Saint-Tropez than Nice. The clear water and abundant marine life make Saint-Tropez a world-class scuba diving and snorkeling destination. The Gulf of Saint Tropez is one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive along the French Riviera.

Is St Tropez better than Bondi Sands? ›

I believe Bondi Sands to be a better tan considering it has a nice coconut scent to start, it is half the price of the St Tropez. Also, Bondi Sands drys infinitely quicker and gives a more natural looking tan, compared to the St Tropez that actually seems to sit on my skin.

How can I make my self tan last longer? ›

How to make fake tan last longer
  1. Exfoliate and moisturise before applying fake tan. How well you prep the skin before applying your fake tan can make or break your glow. ...
  2. Avoid bathing in hot water. ...
  3. Moisturise daily. ...
  4. Exfoliate every 3 days. ...
  5. Always remove tan before reapplying.
Jul 22, 2021

What is the best fake tan that doesnt rub off? ›

  • Bondi Sands Pure Self Tan Foaming Water Dark. Today's Best Deals. ...
  • Tan-Luxe The Water Hydrating Self-Tan Water. Today's Best Deals. ...
  • Isle of Paradise Dark Self-Tanning Water. ...
  • Bali Body Face Tan Water. ...
  • St. ...
  • Dior Bronze Liquid Sun Self-Tanning Water. ...
  • Sienna X Gradual Clear Self Tan Water Mousse. ...
  • Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist.
Mar 8, 2023

What is the best self-tanner without streaks or orange? ›

Bondi Sands Sunless Tanning Foam

This ultra dark shade is a favorite pick for experienced at-home tanners. The formula contains a fresh coconut scent and it will hydrate and nourish your skin. According to Bondi Sands, this mousse is never orange and never streaky — What more could you ask for?

How do celebrities look so tan? ›

So to keep that healthy tan glow, celebrities have flocked to self tanning products in droves. Some do spray tanning, some use self tanning lotions, gels, mousses, and creams at home. But regardless of what they use, self tanning products are now the #1 choice of most celebrities when it comes to tanning.

Does Kate Middleton use self-tanner? ›

You can really control if you want to get really dark like Pippa, or just a subtle glow like Kate. Anyway, let's get back to Kate and her tan! It turns out the cat's been let out of the bag… It's recently been confirmed that Kate Middleton does indeed use self tanning products.

What self-tanner does Dorit Kemsley use? ›

Nowadays it's pretty standard to see the ladies of the Real Housewives getting camera-ready with the help of a dedicated glam squad, but Dorit Kemsley revealed there's one more beauty must-have a lot of Real Housewives rely on — Carlene K Shine Bronzer.

What self-tanner does Brittany Aldean use? ›

"So many of you ask about how I stay so tan," the #PumpRules pal wrote. "A friend introduced me to [Tanceuticals] a while back and it's been my go to self tanner ever since. As you can tell by this before/after it's dark and so natural looking!

Does Jennifer Aniston tan her skin? ›

Jennifer Aniston might be known for her signature sun-kissed glow, but even she isn't immune to a spray tan mishap.

How does Jennifer Lopez stay tan? ›

The actress and singer uses a renowned bronzer to keep her radiant skin glowing. By Ana María Paredes Q.

What tan does Blake Lively use? ›

Jules Von Hep is a London-based tanner with celebrity bookings on a global scale, he tans the likes of Blake Lively, Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne, as well as stars of Strictly and the X-Factor.

Does Snooki use tanning beds? ›

Despite having naturally dark skin Snooki is a keen advocate of tanning. Before becoming a mother she devoted much of her time to GTL - gym, tanning, laundry - and even got paid $11,000 to party at a tanning salon in New Jersey.

Do the Kardashians use tanning beds? ›

As for that crazy bronzed body? "Tanning is everything," she herself will tell you, adding that she regularly uses tanning beds in order to get the glow, and look "so much skinnier." Wash your hair no more than once a week.

How do the Kardashians stay tan? ›

Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time. If you've ever wondered how Kim Kardashian has a glowing tan all year long, she turns to Isabel Alysa, Hollywood's go-to spray tan artist to maintain her constant glow.

Does Kourtney Kardashian self tan? ›

According to E!, Kardashian shared with her summer mailer that the two self-tanning products she can't go without come from Jergens. Her first pick is the SOL by Jergens Deeper by the Drop Serum. It's a sunless tanner that can be added to lotions, serums, and oils to give your face and body a gradual tan.

What is the most expensive fake tan? ›

They are out with a special fake tan spray that comes with real diamonds. The limited edition spay will be made available at Selfridges stores and will cost you a whopping £200 ($320).

What tan does Margot Robbie use? ›

She doesn't lay on the beach for that beautiful glow, and that is why her skin looks so stunning. When the original Harley Quinn wants a bronze glow from time to time, like at award shows, she uses St. Tropez bronzing mousse and achieves the ideal Golden Globes tan.

What self-tanner does Madison LeCroy use? ›

tan Ultra Dark Self Tanner Kit, explaining, “The product looks really good and not orange at all.”

Did Jennifer Aniston go to tanning bed? ›

Jennifer Aniston

She always dazzles with her stylish look. She says that she is a big fan of tanning. Jennifer Aniston has been using tanning cosmetics for years and visits tanning salons regularly.

How is George Clooney so tanned? ›

"He's been compared to Cary Grant and his deep, dark tan - but George owes his to a home tan solution, not the sun!" And while you'd think the Ocean's Eleven would have the cash to fork out for a professional spray tan, the insider claims George is all about the DYI tanning job.

Does self tanner make you look better? ›

It gives a natural-looking face tan while reducing fine lines, plumping and conditioning the skin.

What does Jennifer Aniston really use on her skin? ›

Jennifer Aniston has the most effortless skincare routine. She uses Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar as a cleanser. She then applies toner to her face. This is followed by a few serums like Tatcha's The Serum Stick, and a light anti-aging moisturiser like the Aveeno daily moisturiser.

Is Jennifer Aniston's serum worth it? ›

Reviewers say they that with this serum, they “immediately noticed a huge improvement in the smoothness” of their skin, that it left their face “very smooth, luminous and soft” and that even “fine lines have disappeared” in under two weeks' time.

What does Jennifer Garner use for wrinkles? ›

Jennifer Garner shared her favorite anti-aging wrinkle face cream. The 51-year-old actress loves Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Regenerating Cream, touting it as “safe, 100% effective, and available at your drugstore.”

What spray tan do celebrities use? ›

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

Dancing With the Stars winner and Bachelor Nation fan favorite Kaitlyn Bristowe told E!, "Tan-Luxe will always be on my list of favorite beauty products. Nothing beats a good tan, but I've also been trying to avoid sun exposure on my face as much as possible.

What tan does Jennifer Aniston use? ›

Moriz Professional Instant Medium Self Tanning Lotion, which "can be used as your everyday body lotion," she says.

What fake tan develops the fastest? ›

  • Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse.
  • Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel.
  • Tarte Brazilliance™ PLUS+ Self-Tanner + Mitt.
  • La Beach Tanning Water Mist Bronze.
  • Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam.
  • St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Gel.
  • Bali Body Self-Tanning Mousse.
Nov 16, 2022

What is the easiest self-tanner to use? ›

Self-tanners for beginners
  • St. ...
  • Jergens Natural Glow Firming+ Self-Tanner. ...
  • Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel. ...
  • Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk. ...
  • Tan Towel Full Body Classic. ...
  • Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Gradual Tan Lotion. ...
  • Tanning Club Royal Tanning Balm. ...
  • Bali Body Clear Self-Tanning Mousse.
Feb 15, 2023

What is the best fake tan to even out tan lines? ›

For instant coverage and to even tan lines, the St. Tropez Instant Tan is great. [It's] like a wash-off bronzer – you can instantly tone down the appearance of uneven tan lines.” If you haven't found a mousse formula you love, try Le Tan Instant Foaming Mousse or Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam.

What fake tan doesn't give you spots? ›

Scroll down to meet the best face tans for acne-prone skin.
  • Isle of Paradise Hyglo Face Self-Tan Serum. A self-tan, skincare hybrid, this moisturises as it bronzes, resulting in a soft, healthy glow. ...
  • St. ...
  • Coco & Eve Bronzing Face Drops. ...
  • Tan-Luxe Super Glow. ...
  • Tanologist Self Tan Drops. ...
  • Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Face Mist.
Apr 12, 2023

What does Hailey Bieber use to tan? ›

In between oils and cleansers, Bieber interrupted the regularly scheduled skincare program to explain her secret weapon for achieving a summertime glow: self-tanning water. “Yesterday I used this Tan-Luxe water spray on my face because my body gets really tan, and I keep my face out of the sun,” she explained.

Do celebs wear fake tan? ›

That rules out too much time in the sun, and certainly rules out the use of tanning beds. So to keep that healthy tan glow, celebrities have flocked to self tanning products in droves. Some do spray tanning, some use self tanning lotions, gels, mousses, and creams at home.

What tanner does Kelly Ripa use? ›

Last year, Ripa revealed the facial self-tanner she uses on an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. “Tan-Luxe — they're tanning drops, you put it in your moisturizer, and then you put it on, and your tan develops slowly,” she said. “This product is kind of remarkable. It stains nothing!

Did Jennifer Aniston spray tan? ›

Consider this a PSA. Even Jennifer Aniston sometimes forgets the first rule of fake tanning. On October 7, the Friends actor shared photos and videos taken while filming the third season of The Morning Show, including a very relatable behind-the-scene spray tan debacle.


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